domain rEPORT

Domain Name Management Made Easy

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Information about each of your Domain Names is retrieved from several sources and analyzed in a summary view.


Homepage thumbnail for quick site identification

Domain Verfication

Root domain name displayed with link to site

CMS Detection

Easily identifies content management systems

Domain Report Summary

Server Software

Displays the software the website is running on

SSL/TLS Details

Certificate status with expiration date

Flag notices

Domain issues clearly marked and explained

The Domain Report detail view includes the data you need to make decisions.

Website Details

Contains CMS information, including version numbers, and identifies software needing updates

Security Certificate

Displays certificate issuer, expiration date and warning when no certificate is available or when it is expiring soon

Software Stack

The list of technologies used to run the website includes server software as well as specific website technologies

WHOIS Information

Knowing the registrar and expiration date is important when managing your sites

Primary DNS Details

Domain records will show the Name Servers, A records and MX records vital to website migrations

Web Agency Tools Domain Report

Perfect when used for


Pull a domain report and use it to show prospective customers any issues with their website or any warnings about upcoming issues with the domain and server setup.

Website Migrations

The WHOIS and DNS data provided in the domain report is vital when moving a website to another server. Keep track of data before and after to avoid mistakes.

Customer Reporting

Continue to keep an eye on your client websites by keeping the entry in the list. You'll be notified with any warnings on a schedule that will keep you out of trouble.

All the data you need to manage your domain

Whether you are managing a web agency or a freelancer growing your business, these tools can help you do your job while saving you time.