Feature Roadmap

Domain Report

Google Page Speed Results

You've seen it before. You may or may not run this every time you launch a site but it is good information to know. It's not always 100% right but if something is way off, we'll show you a list of recommended fixes and include it on the detail report.

Improved Report Intelligence

We have important data on the report already but we plan on making it smarter. For example, we display name server records but it's not always easy to tell what service is running them. If you are migrating a website, you'll definitely need to know that.

Improved Report Design

We'll be making design and layout improvements to make it more intuitive. Adding graphics to visualize the relationship between domain registrar, the name server service, website hosting and email will help communicate issues to your customers.

One Click PDF

To make the report useful for distribution outside of our application, you can PDF the report and download it. That way, you can share it with your team, your prospects and your customers.

Domain Name Monitoring

Once you pull a report to get the initial data, you may want to do it again. Chances are that you will want to do it without signing on and manually requesting it. With domain monitoring, we'll retrieve the data on a schedule and notify you if there are any warning.

robots.txt file check

Too many websites are launched with improper robots.txt files. I'm sure you have seen at least one that you have taken over that completely blocked site from search engines. We've seen many of those. If you are blocking important assets from search engines, we'll let you know about it.

Double 301 Redirect Check

This is not very common but if you have encountered it, it can be a bugger to track down. It causes all kinds of issues with SEO.

WordPress Site Details

With our WordPress plugin, we are able to retrieve specific information about your sites and store it all in one place for easy and intuitive reviews of your sites. Once your site is connected to our application, it will continue to retrieve data so your list stays up to date.

Core Version Check

Easily identify if a site is on an older version of WordPress

Content Freshness

Sort your sites by the freshness age and you will see which ones are due for new content. It's a good visual to see if the site is being used.

Site Type

Filter your sites by single install and multisite. Multisite sites take more time to manage when there are updates.


Keep track of parent themes and child themes used on your sites. We pull version numbers as well for easy decisions on when to update themes.

Plugins with Updates Counter

You know how important it is to keep your plugins updated. We'll keep a count of them so you can easily see what sites need attention.

Inactive Plugin Counter

If you are not using some plugins on your site, it is a good idea to get rid of them. Some of them do not get updated and can be a security issues. Sort the list by this field and you'll see the sites that need the most attention.

Plugins. Plugins. Plugins.

Want a list of all the plugins on your site with version numbers? We've got you covered. Is a plugin stuck and not getting updated? We check version numbers and we'll let you know if something isn't right.

PHP Information

Having a list of all your sites with PHP version numbers is a valuable piece of information. We WordPress and major plugins enforce modern versions of PHP, this will help identify sites and need PHP upgrades.

Admin Email account

If you want to make sure your email address is in the general settings, we'll show you what is in there.

Web Page "Proof Sheet"

We are working on a proof sheet that you can use to show your clients how specific pages look on multiple devices. There are a ton of tools out there that can do this, but none of them pull it all to together in an official “proof sheet”. Your designers will love it and your customers will trust it.

Desktop View at Multiple Viewports

With the variety of desktop sizes and tablets out there, we'll cover a few sizes to make sure everything looks good.

Several Mobile Devices

Your page will be shown on several popular mobile devices so you can easily tell if you need to make any adjustments.

Image with Several Devices in One Shot

You've seen this on every theme designers marketing page. We've got it too.

Full Page Screenshot

This one can be long but it is nice to have.

Fancy Shot of a Laptop in a Coffee Shop 🙂